Have Your Teeth Become More Sensitive?

Have Your Teeth Become More Sensitive?

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by anything from having a dental filling to suffering from an advanced stage of gum disease.  In the first case scenario the sensitivity should dissipate in a week or so after the procedure.  The more serious condition of periodontitis may require prescription formula toothpaste or gel.  Conditions in between such as worn down tooth enamel or the deterioration of the enamel due to acidic foods and drinks may result in sensitivity that can be relieved with an over the counter product.  Whatever the cause, dentists caution their patients not to expect immediate results by using a desensitizing toothpaste, it may take months to see significant change.


One of the more common causes of tooth sensitivity is brushing too vigorously or with a hard bristle toothbrush.  Replace your soft bristle brush every few months and always after suffering a bout of the flu or some other illness.  


Is your old dental work standing up to the test of time?  A weakened filling, for instance, can be the source of your tooth sensitivity.  Sealants, fillings, bonding and dental crowns should all be evaluated during regularly scheduled checkups.


Any time the tooth enamel is deteriorated sensitivity is increased.  Receding gums expose the underlying layers that are much more reactive to the sensations of hot or cold.  Guard against the gum disease that is closely associated with the condition.  


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