Dental Care Is Influenced By Age

Dental Care Is Influenced By Age

As children we are more susceptible to tooth decay, it is actually the most prevalent childhood disease in the US but as we age our dental issues will change.  Just the fact that we have put our tooth enamel through the wear and tear of the years of use determines that it will have weakened somewhat.


Older adults may have to deal with medical conditions that require over the counter or prescription drugs that can affect their dental health directly or in a roundabout way.  Arthritis, for instance, can impede the ability to maneuver a toothbrush well enough to reach around and in between each and every tooth.  Fortunately, an electric toothbrush can make a big difference.


Dry mouth can also be a repercussion of taking certain medications.  In this case, the natural flow of saliva is decreased so that it is harder to remove the plaque and food debris that sticks to our teeth and may lead to decay.


Denture wearers may find it harder to chew the foods that promote good oral health opting for softer ones that often do not.  It’s important that patients see their dentists regularly for denture adjustments when needed.  Implants are now being used to help keep lower dentures securely in place.


The “golden years” will be even more enjoyable with good oral health, talk to the doctors of 303 Dental Group to find out more.  Call today @ 303-351-1982 in Highlands Ranch, CO.

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