Brush, Rinse And Floss

Brush, Rinse And Floss

What about flossing?  Why is it so important, why don’t people like to do it and is there anything that can take its place?  


Bacterial plaque is the stuff that clings to your teeth and if not removed on a daily basis will lead to tooth decay.  Brushing and rinsing with a bacterial mouthwash will get rid of most of the plaque on the outer surfaces of your teeth but you have to get in between to get to all of it.  That’s what dental floss does, the action scrapes the plaque from between the teeth.


It’s not necessary to floss every time you eat something, once or twice a day should be good.  When you do floss, however, take the time to do it right.  You need to get in and around every single tooth, not just the ones that are easy to reach.  Don’t floss your gums, it will only irritate them.  Bring the floss up from the gum line along each side of the inner surface of the tooth.


If your string of floss frays or snags when you try to pull it through it may indicate that a cavity is developing or there may be a problem with some previous dental work.  If plaque stays on your teeth long enough it will harden into tartar which could be what’s obstructing the path of your dental floss.  Stop flossing that tooth and make an appointment to have it checked out.


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