Adult Tooth Loss Is Preventable

Adult Tooth Loss Is Preventable

There are the usual suspects when it comes to the reasons for adult tooth loss.  It could be due to head trauma stemming from an accident or an injury on the sports field or it could be the consequence of an underlying medical condition or the prescribed medication to control it.  Periodontal disease however, is by far the most common cause and ironically it’s also the easiest to avoid.


Dental plaque is a sticky mess of bacteria that forms over the teeth on a daily basis.  If it is not removed by brushing twice a day and flossing after meals plaque will build up and harden into tartar which will have to be removed by a dental hygienist.  A regimen of good oral health habits will help to prevent plaque buildup and discourage gum disease.


Professional care is essential for the prevention of so many oral health issues.  No amount of brushing and flossing can do a better job of keeping your teeth free of bacterial debris than teeth cleaning by a trained dental hygienist.  Oral disease can sneak up on you, it can take awhile for symptoms to present.  Regular dental exams and x-ray technology can discover a problem at the earliest stage when treatment is most successful.


If you have lost one or more teeth to disease or injury discuss the various replacement options with the professionals of 303 Dental Group in Highlands Ranch, CO.  Call today @ 303-732-5419.

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